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Regina Condo Star provides you the opportunity to become fully involved in the process – before, during and after your purchase or sale.

As a Regina REALTOR® since 2010, I’ve come to understand that people are looking for information they can use. Information that is specific to Regina. That’s what this website is about. Dynamic, continually evolving and always up-to-date.

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We’re All on a Journey

Some just starting out, others with growing families and demands on every second and some on the final stretch with a head full of memories and more to come.

As our priorities evolve, living arrangements don’t always remain in step with our lifestyle. Moving, whether by choice or circumstance, should be a celebration of goals achieved and an effortless transition from one stage to the next.

Everything you’ll find on this website was designed with you in mind. You will hold onto the decisions you make today long into the future.

With clear, easy to understand advice and thoughtful guidance you can sleep knowing you made the right choices for you and the people that care about you.

Selling Your Condo is as Easy as 1, 2, 3…


Understand the Process

There is no secret formula required to sell your condo. I’ll show you what you need to know. It’s all written down.


Make Decisions

Together we’ll come up with a strategy to price your condo properly and prepare for the market.


Execute the Plan

Put the wheels in motion. With the right plan in place you’ll get the most possible money for your condo.

News and Articles

A Look at Finances for First Time Buyers

Doing anything for the first time can be stressful, scary and overwhelming, including purchasing your first home. Let’s look at some basic mortgage and down payment information for first-time home buyers here in Canada. Qualifying for a Mortgage To be approved for a...

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Stand Out from The Crowd with These Simple DIY Tips!

If you’re looking to sell your condo in today’s competitive market you to need to stand out from the crowd. Home staging is a common practice and one that doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg if you do it yourself! These 5 DIY home staging tips are sure to...

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5 Benefits of Condo Living for Empty Nesters

Empty nest left you wondering if you really need all the extra space?  It may be time to consider jumping into a condo. Downsizing can be emotional so let’s take a look at it from the positive side and consider some benefits. 1. Save On Your Mortgage Payment Condo...

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Cue the Lights…

You may have heard, or read, that you should turn the lights on before a showing. Maybe your Realtor even told you to. Well, it’s kind of right…

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Present Yourself Like a Winner

So, you’re ready to get out there and look at some condos. You’ve been saving and dreaming and dreaming and saving. It’s go time! Now be on time. What? Here’s the thing…

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Regina Condo Star Listings

1112 5500 MITCHINSON Way

South Regina – Harbour Landing

$197,500 Now Reduced to $189,900!

1124 5500 MITCHINSON Way

South Regina – Harbour Landing


129 5063 James Hill Road

South Regina – Harbour Landing


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