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Regina Condo Star provides you the opportunity to become fully involved in the process – before, during and after your purchase or sale.

As a Regina REALTOR® since 2010, I’ve come to understand that people are looking for information they can use. Information that is specific to Regina. That’s what this website is about. Dynamic, continually evolving and always up-to-date.

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We’re All on a Journey

Some just starting out, others with growing families and demands on every second and some on the final stretch with a head full of memories and more to come.

As our priorities evolve, living arrangements don’t always remain in step with our lifestyle. Moving, whether by choice or circumstance, should be a celebration of goals achieved and an effortless transition from one stage to the next.

Everything you’ll find on this website was designed with you in mind. You will hold onto the decisions you make today long into the future.

With clear, easy to understand advice and thoughtful guidance you can sleep knowing you made the right choices for you and the people that care about you.




Start the Selling Process by Downloading the Smart Seller Guide 

Seller’s remorse? I chose the wrong Realtor remorse? These are real things. But how will you know before you sign papers if you’re making the right decisions for you and your family?

If you’re selling or thinking about selling your condo you’ve got some big decisions to make. In this FREE PDF download, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to make great decisions.

Selling Your Condo is as Easy as 1, 2, 3…


Understand the Process

There is no secret formula required to sell your condo. I’ll show you what you need to know. It’s all written down.


Make Decisions

Together we’ll come up with a strategy to price your condo properly and prepare for the market.


Execute the Plan

Put the wheels in motion. With the right plan in place you’ll get the most possible money for your condo.

News and Articles

Organize Your Home with These 10 Tips

Whether your home boasts a ton of extra space or is lacking some storage options, we can all benefit from extra room. Space saving organization doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful. These 10 organization hacks are ideal regardless of the size of your home. Use...

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Simple Ways to Save For A Down Payment

For many, saving for a down payment seems out of reach. Already living paycheque to paycheque you might think there’s no possible way to spare an extra dime. Don’t fret! There are some minor budgeting adjustments you can make each month to make saving to buy...

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All the Single Ladies, Put Your Hands Up!

Single female home buyers are an exceptional group to work with. If you have found yourself with an empty nest and ready to downsize, condo living can provide a great opportunity for you to have your own place without the headaches and responsibilities of owning a...

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Should you Buy a Condo for Your Post-Secondary Student?

As we approach the summer season we also approach the season for graduation. Graduation is both a fun and exciting time for students but can leave many parents stressed about what the future holds. If you have a child heading off to university or college in the fall...

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Closing Time! 5 Things Do After the Sale

So you sold your home! Of course, you did everything right ☺ With conditions removed and the sale final, there are still a few more things to do. Let’s look at 5 of them in no particular order. 1. Cancel Your Insurance, But Not Too Fast…. Yes, you can phone the...

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A Look at Finances for First Time Buyers

Doing anything for the first time can be stressful, scary and overwhelming, including purchasing your first home. Let’s look at some basic mortgage and down payment information for first-time home buyers here in Canada. Qualifying for a Mortgage To be approved for a...

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1112 5500 MITCHINSON Way

South Regina – Harbour Landing

$197,500 Now Reduced to $189,900!

1124 5500 MITCHINSON Way

South Regina – Harbour Landing


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South Regina – Harbour Landing


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